40 Years in business – 10 FACTS ABOUT NICOLINE

Nicoline Limited are proud to announce as of 7th February 2017 they are celebrating 40 trading years supplying Cork related products to the UK and export DIY and home improvements industry and here are some facts regarding the history of the business:

1. Philip Harris is the founder and Managing Director of Nicoline Limited a long established family run business incorporated on 7th February 1977.

2. The name NICOLINE was cleverly conceived from Philip’s two daughters’ names Nicola and Caroline.

3. A close family unit makes up the important cogs of the business as Directors Caroline and Nicola are both experienced in their own fields (both have worked in the Company for over 20 years). Caroline covers the sales office and supervises the warehouse distribution in Lancashire and Nicola supervises imports, overseas purchases and is also responsible for the costings and finance of the Company.

4. Philip recognised there was a gap in the market for Cork Floor Tiles which eventually sparked off a whole range of ideas for the envolvement of the business and in later years introduced Wood and Bamboo Flooring and a range of Notice Boards (including Cork, Magnetic, Calendar and Chalk Boards, etc…).

5. In recent years a Self-Adhesive (self-stick) version of Cork Wall Tiles has become one of our best selling products due to its ease of application and the retailers not having to sell separate adhesive (this product is an alternative to the traditional Notice Boards) whereby the consumer simply peels away the Self-Adhesive backing and sticks the tiles to the wall.

6. Cork is recognised as the Worlds’ best natural insulator against noise and heat loss.

7. With years of experience in importing quality products with some final assembly being undertaken in the UK this resulted in strong relationships with our overseas suppliers and enables us to service our customers with immediate availability of stock. We have supplied many of our retail customers for numerous years which is testimony to our service and quality of products.

8. The original idea for Nicoline was to introduce a natural product which was environmentally friendly. Cork has little negative impact on the environment and is generally known for its use as stoppers for wine. The product is eco-friendly and sourced in Portugal where the climate and soil conditions are favourable. This is where the outer-bark of the Cork Oak Tree (Quercus Suber) is stripped but then re-grows every 9-10 years (see image).

9. Nicoline continue to service leading DIY/homeware retail multiples around the UK and some export markets (many of which we have supplied for over 30 years). We strive to continue to develop sales through potential new retailers to mutual benefit and growth of our business.

10. Solid Plankflooring is also available in various shades along with Carbonised Bamboo Flooring which adds to our portfolio of products.

Any enquiries are welcome and contact can be made via our contact page and/or email us at sales@nicoline.co.uk

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